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May 25, 2018

Game Information

Eat Hot Death! is a Crazy Eights (UNO) add-on/variant that combines some of your favorite House Rules with 27 extra cards that allow you to remove players from the game, make 'em draw up to 69 cards, have them show their cards for all to see, & more!

Here's what's going on with this project:

Two developers, having started independently and having each completed about 65% of the work on their own versions of this project found one another and decided to merge projects. Together we're starting from the ground up to develop an amalgamized project that works out the kinks of both of our projects and together perhaps we will find the incentive to keep this bastard rolling right on through version 1.0 and on into the future.

This project is built off of a game called Hot Death Uno (see Gabriel's web site for more info).
We have given our version a different name for two reasons:

  1. to avoid references to the trademarked "UNO" name;
  2. to separate our project from the original in such a way that we could avoid confusion with it.

The original VB1 game (available from the above mentioned site) has a number of very strong points that we felt would be overshadowed and lost were we to keep the same name. e.g. "Why download their 1.0 version when this one is up to 2.3?"

So for simplicity and respect we changed the name.

Our goals for this version include the following:

There are more that are even further down the line, but first things first.

Right now we are in the process of combining our software designs into one cohesive project model.

If you find you're interested in the project, let us know!

In the meanwhile you can try the two old projects we're trying to merge. They feature only basic Crazy Eights gameplay and a few EHD special cards, but at least they're playable...

Eat Hot Death! 1 S-Man's version InANutshell's version
With Java Web Start
Executable jar file ehd.jar gabes_uno.jar
Support jar files 2 log4j-core.jar  
Requirements: Both implementations require a J2SE Runtime version 1.3 or higher.
1. Both implementations are UNO / Crazy Eights games with S-Man's having a
couple of the simpler EHD cards (double/reverse skip, etc.) implemented.
2. Must be placed in the same directory as the executable jar file.